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Software engineers will be obsolete by 2060

In response to an article on Medium, Software engineers will be obsolete by 2060 , I responded with the following : Interesting article on The Economist titled Automation on Automation Angst,, that looks at several publications that look at the historical effects of automation, and although there is always a fear of being replaced, ultimately more jobs are created than destroyed. Software engineers disappear? So what! There will be other jobs, with different titles, and in the interim, the more people use tech, the more there will be a need for software engineers. Because of this, a person asked for my opinion on maintaining their career as a .NET developer, to which I responded : Although I am a .NET developer as well, I focus on expanding my project management and leadership skills, as well as developing skills in AI/ML. Rather than bore with all the details of my background, here is what I think: You should develop your skills in AI/ML,

Using Visual Studio Team Services for Personal Development

Overview Microsoft provides free access to its online Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) , and for some time I've been using the service, I've wanted to restructure my code hierarchy, and recent changes in my work environment, automated build and deployment using Octopus, nudged me to finally take the task on, so in the past few weeks I've: Restructured my Code library into one big project with sub-projects for Development, Websites, and Work Developed my Work hierarchy of Epics, Features, Stories and Tasks, along with queries and sprint boards Automated all of my builds via check-in, adding extensions to evaluate code and build quality Developed a dashboard to oversee the status of work Code Library I was frustrated with the limitations of working with my code library, and after reading opinions on best practices, I settled on one big project for my code, which I assumed would make it easier to manage my time and energy, and give me a global view of my individu

Code: Pinterest as a Publication Channel for Data Analytics

More as an experiment, rather an attempt at sharing code and ideas, I created a Pinterest board devoted to my personal data analytics work, done with Python, R, or F#, as well as reviews of books, and was quite surprised with the result. The graphics could do with optimization, but otherwise...

Deep Learning and Toolkits

As part of reading Fundamentals of Deep Learning: Designing Next-Generation Machine Intelligence Algorithms by Nikhil Buduma , I was expecting to work through some of the code examples with my own data, and for the examples, it recommended TensorFlow , which brings up competing alternatives, a primary one being Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit . Over the next few weeks, I will start exploring both in Python, as well as publishing some of the related work. A minor note, the darksigma/Fundamentals-of-Deep-Learning-Book: Code companion to the O'Reilly "Fundamentals of Deep Learning" book is available on GitHub.