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Hofstede's Long-term Orientation and Individuality: Obesity Relationships (using R)

Hofstede extended his original four dimensions, adding measures Long-Term Orientation (LTO) and Indulgence (Ind) in response to other researchers studies. While reading Hofstede's Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, Third Edition I was struck by the lackluster reporting of the correlation between obesity and indulgence. It seemed obvious one would delve a bit further, maybe looking at a compound relationship between both indulgence and LTO, e.g., does short-sightedness and indulgence lead to obesity. Although I limit my analysis to OECD countries, that is what I present here. An explanation of dimensions can be found on Hofstede's site. Hofstede's Dimensions and Obesity A first step would be to see what relationships exist between obesity and the dimensions: 1: # LM - Multiple Regression - New Hofstede, LTO and Ind 2: # Load the data into a matrix 3: rm(list = ls()) 4: setwd("../Data") 5: oecdData <- read.table("OECD