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AI in Software Development

Even before AI, I would have thought that work being done now would be automated, and of course, AI will replace some work - since developers automate tasks themselves, using rules, patterns, and processes - but the idea is always to stay ahead of the 'crushing wave' of new tech, often automating oneself out fo a job, thereby keeping your job... BTW, this mentions interesting tools leveraging AI to help coders, rather than simply replacing them, since the latter is not currently a realistic scenario. Source: Will A.I. Take Over Your Programming Job?

Complexity: A Guided Tour

Complexity: A Guided Tour by Melanie Mitchell My rating: 4 of 5 stars I enjoy reading in systems and complexity, and this was a nice addition to my shelf, with a slightly different take than other books. I found a few areas in the first half a bit tedious, overly long, repetitive, and not illuminating, but generally, it's a great overview of seminal work and very thought-provoking. The first half overlaps but nicely differs from other books I've read, covering things like chaos and information processing, and the latter half of the book I found more engaging, focused on models, computation, network science, and scaling. As mentioned, although I found the first half a bit of a slog at times, the second half was very engaging. View all my reviews

Self Review for 2017

My corporate annual review period recently passed, and I was reminded of all the skills developed and completed tasks over the past year, both in and out of work. Sincerely, remembering what I've done over the past year makes me feel good, and really reminds me of how much I enjoy learning. Video Courses Although largely focused on reading to learn, I do partake of various streaming video resources via Pluralsight. The courses I've completed this past year: Multiple courses on management and leadership Developer to Manager Technical Writing: Documentation on Software Projects Quantitative & AI-related courses, accompanied by work in R, Python, or VBA Understanding Machine Learning Understanding Machine Learning with R Data Mining Algorithms in SSAS, Excel, and R Understanding and Applying Logistic Regression Understanding and Applying Factor Analysis and PCA Understanding and Applying Financial Risk Modeling Techniques Books Software Development